One Town - One Product


One Town One Product (OTOP).  a priority program of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to promote entrepreneurship and create jobs. Through OTOP, local chief executives of each city and municipality take the lead in identifying, developing and promoting a specific product or service, which has a competitive advantage. OTOP Philippines supports micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to manufacture, offer and market distinctive products or services through the use of indigenous raw materials and local skills and talents.  




The Municipality of Tigbauan ranks as one among the leading municipality of Iloilo in fish production. The municipal waters bounds with best quality of fish and most potable species. The ten coastal barangays of Barroc, Atabayan, Baguingin, Namocon, Tan Pael, Brgy. No. 8, Brgy. 9, Parara Norte, Parara Sur and Buyu-an, produce more fish than the residents can consume. Thus, surplus is sold to the city of Iloilo or to Manila where price is better. Small once are converted to fish mill and small shrimps called ‘Hipon” are made into bagoong or simply dried as kalkag. The latest survey showed that barangays Barroc, Atabayan and Baguingin produced less than 2,000 tons of fish mill and bagoong and were sold to fish millers and poultry raiser in the province. The bulk of the products arte shipped to Cebu and Manila. Dried small shrimps “kalkag” are exported to Japan and other Asian counties. Others are sold locally, in Cebu, Mindanao, and in Luzon Provinces.    



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