• Bracket A of the Senior's Category dominated the AllStar game last June 4.
  • STEP basketball for kids is now in Tigbauan.
  • Jaime Torres Memorial Foundation Basketeers and Parara Wild Cats leads their respective brackets in Senior's Category.
  • ATBP leads the Professional category with unblemished record of eight and O.
  • Three teams in Junior's Category are vying for the top spot. These are the Brgy. 6 Royals, Del Mar 9 and the Brgy Tan Pael-Coco Grove.
  • Sol y Mar and Namocon leads the Women's and Men's volleyball respectively.
  • LGU Tigbauan joins Men's volleyball tournament.





Tigbaueños who excelled in their own fields


"The Legend of Tigbauan Basketball"

Larry "Ayok" Tueres" 



 1956                      Member Tigbauan High School Boys  Basketball Team.

1959                      Member Lincoln College Mens Varsity Team-Iloilo City.

1962-1963           Team Captain Lincoln College Varsity Team
                            Champion Iloilo PRISAA 1963
                            Champion West Visayan PRISAA 1963
                            MVP- Athlete Of The Year Medal-  Lincoln College 1963.

1963                      Member PAF Philippine Air Force Basketball Team.

1964                      Member AFP Armed Forces Of The Philippines Basketball Selection
                           National Open League at Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

1965                      Member Overseas Bank Of Manila Basketball Team
                           IBAL Interbank Tournament Champion 1965 to 1967.

1967                     Member NU Bulldog (National University) Mens Basketball Team
                           UAAP Tournament 1967 and 1968.

1967                     Member SMC (San Miguel Corportion) Basketball Team (MICAA)
                          Manila coached by Basketball Hall Of Famer "NING RAMOS"
                          Played at Rizal Memorial Coliseum and Araneta Coliseum.

1969-1970          Member PAL (Philippine Airlines Iloilo City) Basketball Team, coached
                          Ex-Olympian " Pons Saldana"
                          Champion, Iloilo Commercial Basketball Tournament 1970.

1970                     Member Uy Bico Basketball Team, Champion, Iolilo Open Basketball
                           Tournament, 1970.

1972                      Member BPI (Bank Of The Philippine Islands) Basketball Team, Iloilo City.  

1974                     Coach  BPI ( Bank Of The Philippine Islands), Basketball Team, Iloilo City.

1975-1976          Coach- De Paul College, Iloilo City. Mens, Jumiors, & Girls. Varsity Teams.

1977                     Retired - Basketball Career ended.    













by: Larry Tueres 


I came to like basketball game when I was about nine yearsyoung. On several occasionwhile playing at the Tigbauanplaza, I see big, tall playersamong them were Jose Hilado,Salvador Hilado,Ramon Tueres Sr., Jose Canto Sr.,Rafael Canto, Leopoldo Travina Sr.,Enrique Tavarro. That was longtime ago about the years oflate fifties. During those years,there were no hook shots, noback dribble.In front of the presentTigbauan municipal buildingthere used to be a rough anddusty basketball court. Twococonut posts were planted north and south about 25 yards between each post. The boards were made of wood andpainted white with three capital letters written in black paint,"TAC" meaning Tigbauan Athletic Club.According to former Tigbauan Mayor Celso Ledesma, the TAC organization was founded in 1936 and the founders wereManuel Tabalada Sr., LeopoldoTravina, Sr., Epifanio Tuclaud,Ramon Tueres Sr., SalvadorHilado, and Enrique Tavarro.

 In the early fifties, talentedyoung players from TigbauanHigh School ( THS ) emerged.Among the stars that shineEvery brightly were; Jose Tras-porto, Alex Gayamat, Rudy Tulaiba, Johnny Hilado, and Antonio Aldon. This players captured the Championship Trophy "S W I P S A L" meet – South Western Iloilo Public SchoolsAthletic League, now calledFCDSA-First Congressional

While Tigbauan basketball starscontinue to shine in the provinceof Iloilo, there were teams fromother towns that visits our placeon weekends. I can still remembera team from Fundidor, Iloilo whichmostly on every other weekendscomes to Tigbauan to play ourTAC "Our Fathers " team- TACSeniors. One of the players fromFundidor can shoot and sink theball into the basket without looking at the boards or the ring.His name was "MOW HAT". Oneday, one of our TAC player "Piniano Teruel" tried to imitatethe Fundidor player shooting theball without looking at the ring,fortunately, Piniano Teruel sankthe ball to the basket. That ledto naming Piniano Teruel as" Piniano (Mowhat) Teruel. At thepresent time, you can see MowhatTeruel not in the basketball courtbut as referee in the cockfightingarena (Bulangan) in Tigbauan.During the mid-fifties, TigbauanHigh School Team continues todominate the entire first districtof Iloilo. At the provincial meet inIloilo, the municipalities of Tigbawan and Dumangas and the Pro-vincial High School, were thetop contenders almost every year.Those were the times of the greatand famous Iloilo player " MIKEBUENAFLOR" of Provincial High.Mike, a mascular, heavy, tall andtalented player, controls the ball-game when he needs to win. Hewas very powerfull during histimes. A star MVP type of aplayer.  Tigbauan team sometimes beat Dumangas, but never got a chance to beat the Provinial High.Our players did not give up hopefor a provincial championship,they however tried and tried everyyear but to no avail. Our playersgraduated from THS with highhope that someday Tigbauan canbeat them.Fermin Trofeo Jr. was admitted to ISAT School, Antonio Aldonwent to Manila, Ernesto Hiladoto Davao City, Pater Torrecampo,went somewhere in Iloilo, RufinoTueres joined the Philippine AirForce, while Manuel Titular stayedin Tigbauan.TAC organization produced threemore good players with potentialsfor collegiate basketball. " MarioTugado", a lanky 5'11 Center,Pedro Titular, 5'10 Guard, andPiniano (Mowhat) Teruel, 5'10Forward. These three playerswere among the top names for College varsity basketall.Piniano (Mowhat) Teruel was offered a job at 7up Bottling Co.which he accepted but later re-signed and went somewhere outof Iloilo Province. Mario Tugado,and Pedro Titular, became varsity players of (CPU) Jaro Central Philippine University.

Years later Mario Tugado and Pedro Titular landed a job in oneof the Sugar Centrals in NegrosOccidental.

 TAC made a lot of progress indeveloping more players like "BienTrofeo, Reynaldo (Bodoy) Librodo,  Rolando Tavarro, Remegio (Meme)Calasara, Benjamin (Nonoy) Segovia,Ramon Tauro Tueres, Romeo Aldon,Serafin Teruel, Luis Teruel Gonzales,Luis Aldon, Nestor Taleon, ErmeloTuvida, Miguel De Los Santos andJoselito Tejero. " Remegio Calasara,was offered to play for VCC-Visa-yan Central College for PRISAA Ilo-ilo meet. He accepted the offer butunable to play due to residencyproblem. Upon graduation from THS,some players went to college, othersjoined the Philippine Air Force. Ro-lando Tavarro was accepted to playfor UP-Iloilo.

 TAC organization kept on producingmore and more players. Also duringthe mid-fifties, a new breed of midgetplayers emerged again with new styleof playing. These children were con-centrated to team plays and teamcoordination. This midget team wascalled " The Group" and their teamcaptain was the eagle eyed "Nelson(Doding) Taleon. Team members wereErnesto Gonzales, Isidoro Tumim-bang, Romeo Cayetano, Donato Dy(Kaisek), Ner Torilla, Bernie Hilado,Edgardo Velez, and Armando Caman-dillo. I was at that time in a diffe-rent team with Nestor Ledesma, Nestor Tenefrancia, Ticoy Titular, AdanTuvilla, Our team cannot get any winin every game that we played againstthe "Group Team". One summer time,a team from Iloilo City, "ColumbianSquires" came to Tigbauan to play against our midget players. Tigba-uan selection was conducted beforethe game, luckily, my name was in-cluded in that selection along withthe "Group" players. Pedro Titularwas named Coach for the midgets.We played against the Iloilo Teamand we won. That was a verymemorable moment in my basketball life.



"The Idol of every Tigbauan Baller""

Neil James Bernil 

 According to the recent poll posted in our website for about a month now with the question "Who do you think is the most talented and most influential Tigbauanon basketball player of all time?" where there were eight exceptionally talented players to choose to, Mr. Neil James Bernil topped them all garnering almost 50% of the total votes casted by our kasimanwas here and abroad.

Neil James Bernil was like a god to some kids when it comes to basketball, he is their idol, popularly known to everyone as "bernil" or "odong". As a teen, basketball was always his priority playing almost everywhere around town and even to far distant barangays in this municipality. But due to lack of basketball scouts' interests here in Iloilo, Mr. Bernil never had a chance to play big time high school and college basketball in Manila. But this never hasten his dedication towards playing ball, he worked hard practicing almost everyday together with his playmates. He eventually worked his way to his own fame giving him the opportunity to play nationwide with the big stars including almost being signed by the Barangay Ginebra Team in the Philippine Basketball Association or the PBA. But due to age, he gave up his dream into playing in the PBA.

After his stint as a practice player in Barangay Ginebra Kings, he went back to Tigbauan to help  train the High School Team of our town were he used to do this for free ervery time he was here. During his stay here he easily made it to the Iloilo Basketball League, the biggest basketball league here in the province. He also landed a job as  the Assistant Coach and the Trainor of the Iloilo Chinese Commercial High School where he trained the likes of super caliber players like that of now PBA superstar James Yap. He was also the Assistant Coach of the Province's team the Iloilo Warriors and  the oppurtunity to Coach The North Cotabato Braves eventually came into his way.

 Now, Mr. Bernil works abroad in Kansas City, USA and regularly comes home to visit his family and friends.Though abroad, he still have his eyes here for prospects so he could help recommend it to some local schools in the city or even in schools in manila where he had established himself as an excellent trainor/coach.He does these things so he could somehow help basketball enthusiasts find their dreams because he knew these were the things missing when it was time for him to make it big...HELP.


Club Members

as of 2010

James Excelsior Torres

Wendell Tamorite

Jose Francisco Aldon

Rolly Tavarro

Jhing Hulaton

Ronald Hulaton

Joseph Mojo

Janjan Esperal

Larry Toroy

Jake Toroy

JM Kristoffer Aldon

Ranulfo Aldon

Lito Tavarro

Budha Titular

Bryan Pitogo

Joey Banno

Elias Albuera

Paterno Tolosa

Edwin Santos

Thomas Naval

Neil James Bernil

Franz Bernil

Kokoy Terenal

Mark Jim Barnecho

Zayden Tatlong Hari

Erick Arnaiz

Gabby Diestro

Barry Silla

Loel Quimbo

Lala Sanchez

Gerswin Tueres

Doktor Robert Garcia

Luke Portalibre

John Paul Cereneche

Ricardo Gabales

Nono Ternura

Lito Torres

Ruben Hulaton Jr.

Aaron Gicanal


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